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I've built my first guitar in 1983 from a well seasoned board taken from an old bed. It was a 6-string ukulele (Hawaiian guitar), which I used to play during the first 6 months in the TEXEL band. It was in January 1984 that I built my first pedal steel guitar. I played it in Warsaw in the qualifying selection of "Country in Stodola" and the same year in Mragowo. Since my first creation was much imperfect, I continued constructing. The succeeding models were better, and finally I built a double-neck guitar, which I played till the end of TEXEL band. I've also built 2 single-neck pedal steel guitars and one double-neck guitar, but I've never completed the work on the last one. In 1992 I've decided to import my first true pedal steel from the USA (MSA brand), and three years later I bought a guitar from Emmons - the leader in pedal steel guitars, which was specially suited to my needs.

The instruments that I play:
Stage equipment:

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