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Stage achievements

This page describes my achievements on stage since 1974.

1974-1983 - WAHADLO band
1983-1990 - TEXEL band
1990 up to now - LONSTAR BAND
1992 up to now - COLORADO BAND
Recordings with other artists

1974-1983 - WAHADΜ band
Participation in several student song festivals such as:
Yapa, Bazuna, Student Song Festival in Krakow, Touristic Song Festival in Uniejow and Piotrkow Trybunalski and many others. The band's repertoire, according to its name oscillated from touristic and student songs through folk and country, to poetry. The music was based on two acoustic guitar harmony, a bass guitar, together with the support of flute, harmonica and a fiddle. During its existence the band was awarded several times.

Leszek Laskowski - acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Andrzej Bogda雟ki - acoustic guitar, vocals
Marek Baran - vocals, drums
Jolanta Kowalska - vocals, drums
Danuta Piotrowska - straight flute, vocals
Piotr Majak - flute
Leszek Janiszewski - bass guitar, vocals

1983-1990 - TEXEL band
The band formed in Lodz in 1983, but its first performance took place in Warsaw (Country in Stodola) in the qualifying selection for the Mragowo Country Festival. In that time there were 5 members:

Jaros豉w Pikiel - acoustic guitar, vocals
Leszek Laskowski - pedal steel guitar, harmonica
Janusz Paw這wicz - grand piano, keyboard
Marek Pawlikowski - bass guitar, vocals
Andrzej Knorowski - drums, vocals

A year later the group welcomed a new member - Wojciech Komorowski - electric guitar, vocals.

The repertoire was based on our own songs. TEXEL quickly became Poland's export group, due to its distinguished sound. Several performances abroad (in Germany, France and the Netherlands) proved the band's class. TEXEL was being widely shown during its existence on TV and radio, and gave many performances in significant festivals such as Opole Festival, Country Picnic in Mragowo and Euro Country Music Masters in Holland. In 1989 Polskie Nagrania published the band's only album. The songs sounded very fresh in comparison to other recordings of that time, and were very popular.

1990 up to now - LONSTAR BAND
My music partnership with LONSTAR began in May 1990, with the recording of the "United States Of Mind" album. Later, in 1993 I played with LONSTAR on his next album - "Jade na poludnie". In 1995 I supported LONSTAR on his album - "Cos mi nie pasuje". The album was published on both CD and MC.
Since 1990, I have played several concerts and TV shows together with LONSTAR. My music cooperation with LONSTAR and LONSTAR BAND resulted in true friendship and gave me many unforgettable moments.

1992 yp to now - COLORADO BAND
The band formed in 1992 from my initiative. The first musicians to play came mainly from TEXEL band:

Leszek Laskowski - pedal steel guitar
Janusz Paw這wicz - keyboard
Wojciech Komorowski - electric guitar
S豉womir Krawczyk - bass guitar
Andrzej Knorowski - drums

Under such a name we've decided to continue our stage activity. Before long I invited Janusz Nastarowicz to cooperate with the band, and together approved the name of the band - COLORADO BAND. Wide repertoire contains folk, country, pop and even hard rock songs. They are mostly our own compositions.

Since 1992 the band had several members:

Piotr Pachulski - electric guitar, vocals
Adam Marsza趾owski - drums
Mariusz G御iorek - bass guitar, vocals
Marcin Gojawiczy雟ki - drums
Krzysztof Szmigiero - electric guitar

Since spring 2001 the band's members are as follows:

Janusz Nastarowicz - acoustic guitar, vocals
Leszek Laskowski - pedal steel guitar
Janusz Paw這wicz - keyboard
Bart這miej Grzanek - electric guitar, vocals
Dariusz Be責owski - bass guitar, vocals
Grzegorz Szelewa - drums

I would like to introduce a song not yet published: MP3 "Tak daleko od Ciebie". (MP3)

2000 up to now - GEORGE HAMILTON V ( Nashville ,USA).
My cooperation with George Hamilton V began a few years ago in the time of our joined (which took place twice) tour around Poland called "Country Convoy". In 2000 we've invited George twice to play with us 20 concerts or so, one of them being Visagino Country in Lithuania. This concert had been appreciated by our audience and country music fans in Poland, which resulted in us being awarded the grand prize in Event of the Year 2000 competition. In June 2000 Radio Lodz recorded a live concert by:

  • George Hamilton V
  • Lonstar
  • Colorado Band
This concert should be published on CD soon. 2001 schedule is full of concerts with GHV and Colorado Band in Poland and abroad.

2000 up to now - Normalsi
In 2000, I played on my pedal steel guitar together with Normalsi (the band is also known as SMS). These songs should soon be published on CD. I've also played some concerts with Normalsi, and together we would like to continue our cooperation.
Presenting excerpts of 4 songs I recorded with Normalsi:
MP3, MP3, MP3, MP3. (MP3)

It was in the year 2000, that together with Colorado Band we supported Andrzej Rybinski in his live performances. One of these concerts - 40 minute show in Mragowo Country Picnic - was welcomed very warmly by the audience.

I also took part in recordings with several stars such as: Piotr Janczerski, Marek 好ie, Bogus豉w Mec, Krystyna Gi穎wska, Gra篡na 安ita豉, Maryla Rodowicz, Krystyna Pro鎥o, Micha Lonstar, Tomasz Szwed, Magda Anio , S豉wek Wierzcholski , El瘺ieta Adamiak, Jacek W御owski, Magda Feme (Ich Troje), George Hamilton V, Normalsi, Proletaryjat, Zbigniew Gorny Orchestra, Majka Jezowska, Witold Paszt (VOX)

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